• What Are the Rules of Online Poker?

    What Are the Rules of Online Poker?

    The Four Rules Of Poker Every Beginner Should Know


    These rules do not only apply to beginners. You might be an expert, but that does not mean you still cannot learn a thing or two from the game. There are 25 rules, but, for the sake of the content, I will keep rules to a minimum of four.


    1)Slow Your Roll


    Yeah, this is one rule that some players forget, even some of the experts have issues. The goal is to stick to an account minimum and stay there. I know it can get exciting when you start to win. However, with every win, there is a loss.


    Remember that the next time you play. You should only play with the money you are prepared to lose. In other words, do not tempt fate with your rent.


    2)Clear Head


    Did you wake up in a bad mood, or feel angry or sad for some reason? The last thing you should do is go online and play poker. You might have a big game, but you might want to let this one go. Poker should only be tempted with a clear mind and a positive attitude.


    Sit this one out until you feel better if you wake up feeling anything other than happy.




    Yeah, this is another suggestion that players forget sometimes. Some players start to feel their ego taking over when they win. They feel they are invincible. You are not invincible. You need to get over yourself. The last thing you should do is play when you think you are hot stuff. It could prove disasterous for everyone involved.


    4)You Got Served!


    That is another way of saying someone called your bluff. It is better to have someone call you out rather than lose everything.


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